I Know That Voice

I’ve always loved seeing the people behind character voices and both envy and admire them. What a great gig it must be, not to mention a real party starter – although, I can only imagine how many times they must get asked “C’mon do the voice. Doooo iiiit!” “The talent and range some voice actors … Continue reading

Mirror Man

Particularly in the latter years of his life, Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart was incredibly reclusive and elusive. An enigmatic genius, cantankerous and a true taskmaster, it’s a treat to hear him wax lyrical on a matter of subjects. These tapes come courtesy of Alchemical Archives. I’ve also included this classic appearance on Late … Continue reading

Icy Spicy Leonice

According to her YouTube channel, Icy Spicy Leonice (or simply Leonice) is “a MUSICAL POWERHOUSE and an amazing singer songwriter, entertainer“, and who the fuck am I to argue? Also known as the Indian Princess and the Icelandic Madonna, Icy Spicy Leoncie is an Icelandic musician who discovered her passion for music at the age … Continue reading