True Adventures

TRUE ADVENTURES IN BETTER HOMES “When I recently discovered men’s adventure magazines of the 1950’s and early 1960’s at a flea market, I found them shocking, funny, ambiguously rich artifacts of popular culture. Seeing them as narratives from the collective psyche, I wondered how they would speak in an environment of orderly homes with sunny … Continue reading

Slick x Cale x Mario

Los Angeles-based OG SLICK hooked up with CALE of K2S in this latest video from DISSIZIT. Set to the classic Super Marios Bros. theme, the video sees the two artists covering the walls of the facility in art paying homage to the groundbreaking platformer. Complete with their own unique style, the graffiti features everyone from … Continue reading

Mnml Lgo

“Minimalism goes a long way. In this new series of Lego ads by German advertising agency Jung von Matt, we see simplistic representations of some of the most well-known cartoon characters. The Hamburg-based company’s ad campaign titled Imaginefeatures tiny towers of colored Lego blocks in each print. It seems abstract, but undeniably accurate in its … Continue reading

Journey To The Center

Beautiful, beautiful record labels courtesy of the folks at Center Of Attention – an artform not to be sneezed at.

Sculpture by Nancy Fouts

Coming up with just one of the concepts for these surrealist sculptures made by Nancy Fouts would be an achievement for any artist. To come up with excellent ideas and executing them so beautifully over and over again is on some kind of super genius level most of us will never come close to.

Pes makes Fresh Guacamole

Watch this visual wonder from Pes. It’s just fantastic. “Clicking on a PES film is to open a safe and suddenly see a million ideas glittering and exploding. The only reason you close the door is to re-open it just after and discover what will pop this time.” Michael Gondry

Mike Watt – Illustrator

Fellow Sydneysider Mike Watt (no, not the wicked Minutemen bassist) is an illustrator held in high esteem. His work on a personal and commercial level has been seen by thousands and has a style and humour all of it’s own. I’m guessing Mike has a background in the hip hop community, as he seems as … Continue reading


Michael Gillette – Illustrator

Michael Gillette

Trojan Records Charity Sneaker

On the 26th of February Benji Blunt and eatmoreshoes will proudly unveil their first Custom Kicks for Charity (CK4C) auction on eBay. Inspired by his love for Reggae music, Benji chose Trojan Records as a starting point for his design, and the record label has gladly agreed to officially sponsor the project. On the receiving … Continue reading