New Mosca Mix

Young producer Mosca made the music that excited me the most amongst the 2011 boom of hotshot studio whiz kids (actually, Nico Jaar gets a tie for first place) and now he’s joined the new on air roster at the UK’s sonic instituation, Radio 1. To celebrate and showcase this occasion, here’s a tight new … Continue reading

Kindness – SEOD

“Here’s another classy, luxuriant disco joint from the forthcoming Philippe Zdar-co-produced full-length from Kindness. Album-opener “SEOD” is a bit more sprawling / slow-burning than the immediate, endlessly replayable pop jam that is lead single “Cyan,” but this one certainly rewards repeat listens. Look for the SEOD white label 12″ single — backed with a vinyl … Continue reading

Got The Horn

Hey look – it’s that geek from The Buggles! Test Pressing absolutely deliver each time in their esteemed Producers Series – this one’s #15 with technoid pop genius Trevor Horn on the stand. “A Trevor Horn record probably sits somewhere in your record collection or laptop so we decided he’d be the perfect producer to … Continue reading

Miami Michael Sterling

Two tunes by Miami’s Michael Sterling – both released in 1984, both themed around legendary game Donkey Kong, both killer Bass cuts but released on different labels under two almost identical pseudonyms! Sterling briefly played lead guitar and sang with the reggae-lite outfit Inner Circle before claiming a producer’s chair and working with 2 Live … Continue reading

The Lemon Tape

Don’t you just love Bandcamp? I mean, where else would you find top shelf modern psychedelia offered to all us music lovers for free. This citrus soaked dream from the Hobo Cult camp in conjunction with Kinnta Records will satisfy any lover of prime 60’s haze rocketed into 2012. “This cassette features 32 minutes of … Continue reading

Lana Del Ray + The Smiths – This Charming Videogame

Of course you’d think of putting this with this via Reborn Identity

Graffiti Rock – TV Pilot

Dangerous Minds on the up yet again with this vintage slice of goodness from 1984’s hip hop answer to Soul Train, Graffiti Rock. Keep an eye out for actress Debi Mazar (seen most recently in Entourage) and auteur about town, Vincent Gallo, or ‘Prince Vince’ as he was then known. “Featuring The “most host” Michael … Continue reading

Rob Pursey’s Real Man Mixes

Rob Pursey is a member of the UK’s Southern Hospitality crew and for the past 3 years or so has been sporadically unleashing these very, very nice mixes centering around raw emotion, the male (and female, in one instance) love cry and a sense of romantic longing for a time gone by. Are they saccharine … Continue reading

Last Days Here – Movie Trailer

This trailer alone makes Anvil look like a cakewalk. Should be a heavy, but interesting documentary. LAST DAYS HERE tells the story of Bobby Liebling, lead singer of the cult hard rock/heavy metal band Pentagram. Frozen for decades in his parents’ basement, Bobby’s music is finally discovered by the heavy metal underground. With the help … Continue reading

Grey Deer – Constance Dubs

Lush deep electronic dub. Get it. “Grey Deer is one Carl Ritger, sonic wizard, dweller of Colorado and perhaps better known as Radere. Constance Dubs is the debut release under his Grey Deer moniker, and fittingly so as it was recorded during the very early days of Carl’s musical maturation. Three longform pieces that might … Continue reading