The gorgeous Mimi Fariña, sister of Joan Baez, wife of Richard Fariña and unsung shining light in the annals of US folk history. She recorded a couple of solid albums on Vanguard with her husband, but tragically he was killed on her 21st birthday in a motorbike accident. She was taken from the world at the … Continue reading


The long awaited Quakers project release drops TODAY on Stones Throw and by all accounts, it’s going to shake up the hip hop world in a big way. I can’t recall an album in recent years with this many Mic Controllers stepping up to rip it, all on one recorded artifact. Portishead’s Geoff Barrow aka … Continue reading


In a recent conversation with a friend, we marveled at the sheer depth of the record crates held by the producers known as Psychemagik. Not only are their original tracks and remixes for others head and shoulders above the pack, their DJ sets are something to behold – thoughtful, tantalizing, trainspotter friendly and demanding repeat … Continue reading

Journey To The Center

Beautiful, beautiful record labels courtesy of the folks at Center Of Attention – an artform not to be sneezed at.

Maria Minerva Interview

I thought I’d repost on Mad Tangent an interview I conducted with the lovely, self effacing and talented Ms. Maria Minerva for Cyclic Defrost Magazine late last year. “Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. It is by the sea. Population 400 000 – 20% of it Russian. It gets very cold in October and the … Continue reading


The first time I heard the amazing skills and no nonsense flow of Casual was via my mate Rusty’s extensive hip hop cd collection around 1995. Fear Itself was an undeniable instant classic of the age, equal parts smooth and jazzy, raw and funky and with his tight flow bringing it all together. Sure, Souls … Continue reading

Yair Yona

I’m a big fan of the whole Takoma school of open tuned guitar sounds made by artists such as John Fahey, Robbie Basho, James Blackshaw and Mark Fosson. Here’s a new exponent of this lineage, Yair Yona from Israel, a big fan of the UK folk crossover scene of the 60’s, in particular, the masterful … Continue reading

The Country Soul Of Tracy Nelson

OK, I’m going to be lazy here and lift the following facts about country maven Tracy Nelson from her wiki page. An unsung figure in the country rock scene, Tracy is sometimes likened to a gentler Janis Joplin, but that’s just hokum. As you’ll see in these clips (including a great piece of 1969 footage … Continue reading

The Punk & The Godfather

As a kid I was a massive fan of The Jam, and like all good inspiring 3rd generation wannabe mods, I owned a copy of the Paolo Hewitt expose on Weller, Foxton and Buckler entitled A Beat Concerto. The photo above showing Weller’s first meeting with his idol Pete Townsend of The Who was a … Continue reading