Another Angle (24.04.12)

Catching up on some past show postings. Here’s the first of them. Loss – Tezeta Suzuki (Burnt Friedman Nonplace Dub) – Tosca Raindrops – Monster Rally & Rumtum One Life – The Albert Is This Love – Lady Lex That Very Night Dub – Holly Cook Luv Zombie – Elgato Importing Mosquitoes (Coyote Clean Up … Continue reading


A film of sheer sound and fury, the uncompromising subject matter (it all but anticipates the race riots that engulfed inner cities soon after release) and classic reggae soundtrack helped cement Babylon’s reputation as one of the most powerful and historically significant documents about the black British experience ever made. Babylon stands up today as … Continue reading

Gabor Live

OMFG – so good. 01 Magical Connection (John Sebastian) 02 My Foolish Heart (V. Young/N. Washington) 03 Fly Me To The Moon (Bart Howard) 04 Az eso es en (The Rain And Me) (T. Soml√≥/A. Adamis) 05 Sombrero Sam (Charles Lloyd) 06 Thirteen (Gabor Szabo) 07 My Love (Paul and Linda McCartney) 08 Reinhardt (Wolfgang … Continue reading