Emotional (Once More with Feeling)

Discovering this mix tonight was a nice slice of serendipity after posting the opening track by A Reminiscent Drive in a music forum earlier in the week and rediscovering their album  – an old favourite and one of the best things to come out on the French label F Communications. This entire mix by Diem is full of top quality solo listening music that will be the perfect accompaniment to any quiet, reflective occasion.

A Reminiscent Drive – Life Is Beautiful (Mercy Street)
Anne Dudley – Canticles of the Sun & Moon (Ancient and Modern)
Arvo Pärt – Beliner Messe VII: Sanctus (Te Deum)
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares – Polegnala E Todora (Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares)
Philip Glass – Anthem Part 3 (Powaqqatsi)
Pentatonik & Aura – Pentaura [Pentatonik Mix] (This Film’s Crap, Let’s Sample the Soundtrack)
Reload – Le Soleil et La Mer (Remotion)
Bola – Aguilla (Soup)
Plone – Plock (Plock)
Locust – No-one in the World (Morning Light)
Plaid – Rakimou (Not For Threes)
Plaid – Milh (Not For Threes)

Don’t Cry

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