Hazy Redwood

I love me some Neil Young, I also love me some Neil Young cover versions. I’ve heard my fair share of ol’ Shakey interpretations and I’m thrilled to have found a batch put together by Plantweed called The Redwood Lounge Vol. 1: A Crowded Hazy Bar that manage to eplore some really obscure cuts that don’t appear on similar selections.

1. Allan Mayes: Like a Hurricane
From his Stumbling in the Aisles LP (1986), Mayes was a one-man band and former partner of Elvis Costello.
2. The Artie Kornfeld Tree: Helpless
From his A Time to Remember LP (1970); Kornfeld was a songwriter and one of the original Woodstock promoters.
3. The Assembled Multitude: Ohio
From their self-titled 1970, a “now sound” LP of old-timer orchestral musicians trying to be hip and doing the hits of the day.
4. Atlantis: Down by the River
From their 1972 self-titled LP; they were a Minnesota band whose one record has a sort of lounge-band-goes-prog sound.
5. Axe: Cinnamon Girl
Crude live 1969 recording from this British psychedelic band.
6. Barbara Bailey Hutchison: Love Is a Rose
From her obscure 1978 folk LP, Let the Night Slip Away.
7. The Barons: Mr. Soul
This Texas barband had at least two privately-pressed records; this track is from their 1972 LP, By Request.
8. Bernie Schwartz: Round and Round
A nice rendition is from this ex-Comfortable Chair member’s 1970 LP, The Wheel.
9. Best of an Era: Heart of Gold
From a 1973 British LP, this is a typical example of an exploitation/cash-in record.
10. The Carpenters: Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing
From their first LP, Ticket to Ride, from 1969.
11. The Cascades: Flying on the Ground
The b-side to this San Diego band’s 1967 “Main Street” 45.
12. Claudine Longet: Birds
From this recluse’s 1972 LP, Let’s Spend the Night Together; has a nice “California cocaine soft rock studio” vibe.
13. Dallas: After the Gold Rush
Another Texas barband, this cut is from their 1979 LP, Casualty of Love.
14. Dave Bollinger: Last Trip to Tulsa
This long version is from the comp LP Inklings, pressed on the custom Century label by Eastern Baptist College in St. Davids, PA.
15. Dave Clarke Five: Southern Man
These British invaders issued this heavy cover version as a 45 in 1971.
16. David Clayton Thomas: Don’t Let It Bring You Down
From the Blood, Sweat & Tears singer’s 1972 self-titled LP.

The Redwood Lounge Vol. 1: A Crowded Hazy Bar

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