Rock It Down

KILLER selection of ska, rocksteady and early reggae from UK selector Alfalfa Sprouts. Don’t miss this one.

The Classics – History of Africa (New Beat)
Joe Gibbs – Hijacked (Amalgamated)
Lester Stirling – Sir Collins Special (Collins Down Beat)
Winston Francis – If your heart be lonely (Coxsone)
Glen Adams – Mighty organ (Crab)
The Stingers – Preacher man (Upsetter)
The Upsetters – Zig zag (Upsetter)
The Rudies – Chaka grind (Down Town)
Music Doctors – Bush doctor (J-Dan)
The Viceroys – Work it (Crab)
Desmond Riley – Tear them (Down Town)
The Hippy Boys – Cat nip (Camel)
Lloyd’s All Stars – Buttercup (Sioux)
Cannon Ball King – Reggae happyness (Camel)
Owen Gray & Collins Band – Rock it down (Collins Down Beat)
Lester Stirling – Everybody needs love (Lord Koos)
Jumbo Sterling – My sugar ain’t sweet (Sioux)
The Rudies – Devil’s lead soup (Spinning Wheel)
The Charmers – One big unhappy family (Green Door)
The Melodians – Passion love (Randys)
The Uniques – Watch this sound
Bruce Ruffin – Bitterness of life (Trojan LP)
Slim Smith – Hip hug (Coxsone)
Niney – Mud and water (Big Shot)
Cynthia Richards – Aily I (Attack)
Hortense Ellis – I’ve been a fool (Blue Beat)
Derrick Morgan – Someone (Island)
Baba Brooks – First session (Gay Feet)
Horace Andy – Oh Lord why Lord pt.1 (Fab)

Rock It Down

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