Here is a new blog for a new day. Why do you need yet another blog in your already busy, media saturated life? You don’t.
But hey, fuck it – here it is. After the derth and death of my previous blog Meatskull and the overposting frenzy on Facebook, I decided to try something fresh and see how it tastes.
So, along with the radio show on Sydney’s 2SER 107.3 fm , Another Angle, here’s my sharity space of popular culture and arty happenings. If you like it, pass it around – you all know the drill by now.

Let’s do this shit – Lyndon

4 Responses to “Why?”
  1. idiotproof67 says:

    Oh great. Even more shit to check out. I’ve got work to do son…
    You keepin’ me up & busy with all of this…

  2. eric says:

    what time can I catch Another Angle?

  3. eclecticsunshinedoll says:

    a meatskull by any other name sounds just as sweet.

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