I Know That Voice

I’ve always loved seeing the people behind character voices and both envy and admire them. What a great gig it must be, not to mention a real party starter – although, I can only imagine how many times they must get asked “C’mon do the voice. Doooo iiiit!” “The talent and range some voice actors … Continue reading

Mr. Dynamite

Full 2hr doco – essential.


20 years after riots ripped through Los Angeles, “Uprising” documents how hip hop forecasted – and some say ignited – the worst civil unrest of the 20th century. The film revisits the riots in gripping detail and draws from a diverse collection of voices — the rappers, rioters, victims, police officers, journalists and everyday citizens … Continue reading

Oi, Ginger

Can’t wait. Essential viewing.

Jimmy Smith 1965

Surely you don’t need any encouragement to watch a full length 100 minute documentary on the master of the Hammond B-3, mister Jimmy Smith.

Last Days Here – Movie Trailer

This trailer alone makes Anvil look like a cakewalk. Should be a heavy, but interesting documentary. LAST DAYS HERE tells the story of Bobby Liebling, lead singer of the cult hard rock/heavy metal band Pentagram. Frozen for decades in his parents’ basement, Bobby’s music is finally discovered by the heavy metal underground. With the help … Continue reading