Dig The New Breed

Nick Waterhouse is the New Breed – a 25 year old R&B fanatic who combines an uncanny old-school sensibility with a charged, contemporary style. His debut album, “Time’s All Gone,” will drop on May 1, 2012 (today!). Here’s a KILLER mix Nick made for Night Fog Reader. “NICK WATERHOUSE MADE US A MIX. He did … Continue reading

Mr. Dynamite

Full 2hr doco – essential.

The Country Soul Of Tracy Nelson

OK, I’m going to be lazy here and lift the following facts about country maven Tracy Nelson from her wiki page. An unsung figure in the country rock scene, Tracy is sometimes likened to a gentler Janis Joplin, but that’s just hokum. As you’ll see in these clips (including a great piece of 1969 footage … Continue reading

The Soft Centre of Wu Tang

  The Wu crew have always been infamous beat diggers, their production style paving the way for people such as 9th Wonder, Madlib, J Dilla etc in the use of the pitched up soul vocal line, more often than not focusing on a snippet of the song that delivered a feeling rather than a clear … Continue reading

Hudson’s House Breaks

DJ Hudson’s at it again. This set of sample source heaven will rock any car trip, solo ride or home session with friends. A real ear opener. “Here we go, a brand new mix from me. This one came about the other week when I saw A-Trak’s Top 10 Sample Flips over at egotrip. He … Continue reading

Pragmatic Theory x Curtis Mayfield Beat Tape

Curtis The Beat Tape is a FREE Curtis Mayfield Tribute that features artists from around the globe and has been nicely stitched together by Pragmatic Theory. The artists involved are ShainCaw, Keor Meteor, Glyphick, Ta-Ku, Constrobuz, Snakehips, Mononome, ManOnWire, Handbook, Keith Price x MadColour, A-Beats, AudioDoctor, Kam0, Jewbei, Byrdverson1 x Nextwon, JP Balboa, SE1DavidE, Cypria, … Continue reading

Rob Pursey’s Real Man Mixes

Rob Pursey is a member of the UK’s Southern Hospitality crew and for the past 3 years or so has been sporadically unleashing these very, very nice mixes centering around raw emotion, the male (and female, in one instance) love cry and a sense of romantic longing for a time gone by. Are they saccharine … Continue reading