Alby Daniels – This Dawn

“Black Acre strike another ace debut with Alby Daniels‘ ‘This Dawn‘ EP. Like the label’s vaunted roster of Fantastic Mr Fox and Blue Daisy, Alby’s doing something very crafty at once outside of, and within the Dubstep spectrum’s parameters, thanks largely to his skilled mastery of production dynamics. His sound is arranged with an almost … Continue reading

Stephen Shames – Photographer

Stephen Shames

Gig review of the year

“By the end, you just want to listen to Deep Forest.” Take the time to read this review of the maligned Soundwave festival, written by Shaun Prescott for The Vine. If only all Australian music journalism were this good, I might actually pick up the dirge that passes for our street press from time to … Continue reading

Édouard Boubat – Photographer

Édouard Boubat

A rare smile

from Aubrey Plaza

Larry Heard/Fingers Inc. – Mixes

Not one, but 2 great mixes celebrating the tireless work and musical contributions of Larry Heard to the world of modern music. The first one comes from Placid – seriously deep and spiritual just like the master himself. The second mix has been put together in two parts by Dubbyman and just like the Placid … Continue reading


RIP Billy Strange

Only 45 minutes ago, I was having a browse through some YouTube clips and I came across this preview for a great documentary about the greatest session players ever to grace a studio, the infamous LA based guns for hire, the Wrecking Crew. What a strange twist on this sighting to discover on a totally … Continue reading

Synth Britannia – Full Documentary

Peyote – Alcatraz

Still sounding as good as the day it came out on the mighty R&S label in 1992, this tribal dream state was made by DJ Dag and Rolf Ellmer aka Dance 2 Trance. Turn it up loud.