Rob Pursey’s Real Man Mixes

Rob Pursey is a member of the UK’s Southern Hospitality crew and for the past 3 years or so has been sporadically unleashing these very, very nice mixes centering around raw emotion, the male (and female, in one instance) love cry and a sense of romantic longing for a time gone by. Are they saccharine and sentimental in parts? Definitely, but that’s the whole idea. Pursey’s showing us that when all of these tracks are molded together as one big moustachioed kiss, it all begins to make sense.

He has a real affinity for what he likes to refer to as “the quiet storm” in many of these tracks and genuinely loves what he’s putting down. Volume 3 is so progressive, it only features female vocalists and as a final thought, I guarantee that if you play these back to back one night around your significant other, expect the heat to rise by approximately 17 degrees.

So here are all four volumes for your listening pleasure. I’ve taken the trouble to reload volume 3 to Mediafire, as it seems to be the sole volume not easily accessible online.

Real Man Music Volume One

Real Man Music Volume 2

Real Man Music Volume 3

Real Man Music Volume 4

4 Responses to “Rob Pursey’s Real Man Mixes”
  1. Courtney says:

    Can you reload volumes 1 & 2? It would be greatly appreciated!

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