Grey Deer – Constance Dubs

Lush deep electronic dub. Get it.

“Grey Deer is one Carl Ritger, sonic wizard, dweller of Colorado and perhaps better known as Radere. Constance Dubs is the debut release under his Grey Deer moniker, and fittingly so as it was recorded during the very early days of Carl’s musical maturation. Three longform pieces that might surprise Radere fans with their light but propulsive rhythm sections, Constance Dubs is a completely different kind of dub techno album. Steady kickdrums, hi hats and percussive taps are built entirely from field recordings, and the atmosphere around them is a foggy forest of guitars and debris. Very warm, wooden and seemingly wrested from beneath the roots of a mighty oak tree, Constance Dubs is an easily accessible unification of both ambient and techno sensibilities,”

Released 24 January 2012 – Written and produced by Carl Ritger. Mastered by The Analog Botanist. This is Recycled Plastics number BC3. Third in the ongoing Bedroom Compost series.

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